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Measure provides your organization with the critical data and training it needs to strengthen operations, reduce risk and costs, increase productivity, and protect personnel. We offer a suite of aerial intelligence solutions leveraging the latest technology and subject matter experts. Our pilots, engineers and scientific personnel continue to advise the all levels of government on sUAS integration and market implementation.

What We Offer

Operator subject matter expertise with the commercial drone market

On-call pilots to augment your existing drone program or become your outsourced experts

Engineers that define critical data requirements and report in a clear, concise way

sUAS Toolkit which includes hardware, software, in-person pilot training and annual service support

User-friendly software application and web portal in order to efficiently manage your drone program
Key Differentiators

Current Contracts

Business Needs


Turnkey is a full-service solution for customers who prefer to outsource their aerial inspections. Our Turnkey Solution seamlessly delivers actionable aerial data, without having to manage your own drone program.

With the Turnkey Solution, you get:


Toolkit is a managed solution for customers who want to use their own equipment and pilots. With equipment, training, and support, our Toolkit Solution makes gathering intelligence as safe and easy as possible.
With our Toolkit Solution, you get: