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Drones as a Service

About DaaS - COAL & GAS

Customized power plant inspections reduce hazardous manhours during maintenance activities while providing accurate and cost-effective structural defect inspections and volumetric inventory analysis.

Thermal Stack/Cooling Tower Inspection

Comprehensive, high-resolution imagery helps to identify damage on stacks or cooling towers and other adjacent structures.

Thermal Expansion Joint Inspection

Thermal imagery of expansion joints shows abnormally hot and cold spots along ductwork, where anomalies may be present.

Thermal Boiler Inspection

Close-up, high-resolution video and stills inside gas power plant boilers show anomalies such as deformed air nozzles, gas nozzles, igniters, cracks, and missing refractory coatings.

Thermal Pipe Hanger Inspection

High-resolution JPEG images of the right, left and backsides of pipe hangers identify damage, view load indicators, and prevent costly scaffold building.


Images captured from dense grid pattern flights produce a point cloud and a digital surface model to estimate volumes in stockpiles.

Business Needs


Turnkey is a full-service solution for customers who prefer to outsource their aerial inspections. Our Turnkey Solution seamlessly delivers actionable aerial data, without having to manage your own drone program.

With the Turnkey Solution, you get:


Toolkit is a managed solution for customers who want to use their own equipment and pilots. With equipment, training, and support, our Toolkit Solution makes gathering intelligence as safe and easy as possible.
With our Toolkit Solution, you get: